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After many years of representing credit reporting agencies, we made a change.  We now represent consumers in class action and single plaintiff litigation, primarily under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Why the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act may very well be the most powerful consumer protection statute in the United States.  The FCRA forces credit reporting agencies and background check companies to accurately report information about consumers and correct any mistakes within 30 days.  If they don’t, the penalties are significant.  Consumers can recover statutory damages, punitive damages, interest and attorneys fees.

We sue credit reporting agencies.

The Federal Trade Commission has estimated that 20% of credit reports contain at least one inaccurate item of information. Counting just the “Big 3” - - Equifax, Trans Union and Experian - - that’s over 100 million credit reports containing inaccurate information. Unfortunately, even one inaccuracy on your credit report can result in a mortgage denial, a higher rate on an auto loan, the loss of a job opportunity or a housing denial.  If inaccurate information on your credit report has cost you credit, a job, or housing, call us.  We sue credit reporting agencies.

We sue banks, mortgage lenders, and credit card companies.

Unfortunately, collection agencies aren’t the ones putting inaccurate and derogatory information on consumers’ credit reports.  So are typical creditors, like banks, mortgage lenders and credit card companies.  These errors are typically the result of negligence, but they can have outsized consequences for consumers, particularly those who are already undergoing financial hardship.  If a creditor has placed inaccurate information on your credit report, call us.  We sue banks, mortgage lenders and credit card companies.

Why retain us for your credit reporting case?


We have nearly 20 years of experience litigating cases under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, including some of the largest class actions ever filed under the FCRA. 


We’ll evaluate your case for free, and we handle Fair Credit Reporting Act cases on a contingent fee basis.  In other words, there’s no fee unless you recover. 


We aren’t “settlement” lawyers.  We try cases, which is the only way to maximize the value of your recovery.  Yes, most cases ultimately settle.  But if the defendant knows you’ve hired a settlement lawyer, you won’t get full value for your case. 

If you have been denied credit, employment or housing because of an error on your credit report, call us at 678-999-1102.

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