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To the surprise of many, the Fair Credit Reporting Act contains provisions that control the preparation of background checks by background check companies and employers’ and landlords’ use of background checks.   

We sue background check companies.

Employment-related criminal background checks are notoriously inaccurate and often contain stale or sealed records.  The result can be catastrophic, with job seekers losing employment opportunities or current employees being terminated.  If you’ve lost employment or a job opportunity because of an inaccurate background check, we can help you get the record corrected and get the compensation you deserve.  We sue background check companies. 

We sue employers who misuse background checks.

Unfortunately, many employers fail to follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act when conducting background checks on job applicants and current employees.  They fail to properly obtain consent to conduct a background check and they fail to give the proper notices when taking adverse action against employees who have derogatory information on their background check.  Even job seekers and employees with a criminal record have valuable rights under the FCRA.  We can help you protect those rights.  We sue employers who misuse background checks.

We sue landlords who misuse background checks.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act also provides protections for consumers who apply for housing, if the landlord intends to conduct a background check as part of the application process.  If you’ve been denied housing because of an inaccurate background check, call us.  This is complex area of the law, and we can protect your rights.  We sue landlords who misuse background checks. 

Why retain us for your background check case?


We have significant experience representing both consumers and background check companies.  We’ve seen this industry from all sides and can effectively and efficiently handle your case.


We’ll evaluate your case for free, and we handle Fair Credit Reporting Act cases on a contingent fee basis.  In other words, there’s no fee unless you recover.


We aren’t “settlement” lawyers.  We try cases, which is the only way to maximize the value of your recovery.  Yes, most cases ultimately settle.  But if the defendant knows you’ve hired a settlement lawyer, you won’t get full value for your case. 

If you have lost out on a job or housing because of a background check, call us at 678-999-1102.

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